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Welcome to SolacePath

SolacePath specializes in winning marketing strategies and solutions, business mentoring, online personal self-development and growth, and is the parent company for multiple brands such as Slimpressions and StudioSafari.


SolacePath is so unique. We love when people ask us “How does a company go from marketing >> to education >> to shapewear and owning one of the top brands in the world”? Well, if you have met our CEO, Dawn Hurlebaus you would completely understand. She spent over 30 years in the information technology industry as a Vice President of Education, overseeing all sales, marketing and operations. At 18 years old, Dawn’s first job was with IBM which explains why she is so tech savvy … read more


Tag, You’re It!

Our tag line is the cornerstone of our company. It’s our mission and how we conduct ourselves each day. We proudly serve everyone from all walks of life without discrimination. We lead with our hearts showing compassion and with our heads as we creatively craft solutions to meet your needs. We are confident in our work, leaving you with the peace of mind that all is being taken care of.

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