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Marietta, GA 30062

"Dawn is one of the most highly driven and dependable person I've ever had the pleasure of working with!"

Megan W.
Marketing Executive

Photo By: Dawn R. Hurlebaus

Business Alliances

SolacePath LLC is the parent company for Slimpressions and StudioSafari. We infuse confidence in our personal and business relationships. We want you to feel just as comfortable with us as we are with you.  Furthermore, we are passionate about everything we do.  Bringing out the best in ourselves as well as others, fosters a great working environment.


Business Partners and Alliances

We work with some of the best partners in the industry and are selective so we may bring you quality verses quantity.  When it comes to our Slimpressions shapewear product, all of our apparel is manufactured in Canada and the United States. This remains very important to us.

Your future is looking bright!